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The ADVOCATE Urban Camo NiB

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Designed from the ground up with the vision of Colion Noir.  The lines on this Heckler & Koch VP9 are smooth and sleek while still keeping that mean look.  The ADVOCATE is the complete package.  The slide has precision cuts to take the perfect amount of weight off.  A window has been cut on each side as well as two narrower windows cut on the top to expose the barrels.  The slide is cut perfectly to fit a Trijicon RMR and comes with a RMR plate.  The logos are laser engraved into the steel the the entire slide is then either Urban Camo or DLC coated or giving it that perfect look.

The ADVOCATE comes with a non threaded barrel and a threaded barrel.  Both barrels are fluted, which helps dissipate heat as well as giving them that look that Colion was going for.  The threaded barrel is then DLC coated and you get the choice of having the non threaded barrel DLC coated or NiB Chrome coated.  Both of these coatings are top of the line in the firearms industry.  The Lobos trigger is installed which has a shorter reset then stock.  It also reduces the pre-travel by up to thirty percent.  Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight and blackout rear are installed giving the perfect sight picture.

The internals the The ADVOCATE have also been upgraded.  This package comes with two different weight recoil springs, an enhanced support sleeve and slide plate.  The frame is 360 degree stippled giving it the perfect feel as well as the perfect look.  The lines on the stipple are clean and crisp.  Then everything is placed in a precut foam hard case.  The case is water proof as well as crush proof and is personalized with Colion Noir’s logo.  These are serialized and come with a Certificate of Authenticity that has a personal touch from Colion.

Model: The Advocate
Caliber: 9mm
Type: Semi-Auto
Action: SAO
Barrel Length: 4.1"
Mag Capacity: 15 rounds
Finish: Black with Urban Camo slide