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Surefire X400UH Grn 600 Lumen

SGC ID:084871326421


The Surefire X400 Ultra combines a brilliant white tactical-level light capable of overwhelming an aggressor's night adapted vision with bright green laser aiming capability. This is an extremely effective combination, especially in close to medium range engagements. The high performance LED light generates 600 lumens of stunningly bright light, focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that makes a tight beam with significant surround light for peripheral vision. The laser's aiming adjustment system has Nylok screws that are unaffected by recoil, allowing it to hold its zero properly.

The X400 Ultra can be used on any handgun or long arm equipped with a universal or Picatinny rail. Ambidextrous switching at the rear of the body provides one-finger control. Press the switch for momentary-on, flip the switch up or down for constant on. A separate switch controls light only, light with laser, laser only, or unit disabled modes.