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Surefire M600 Scout BLK 1500LM

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SureFire produces some of the best lights and tactical equipment in the industry. The SureFire Dual Fuel LED Scout Light is an excellent companion anyone that needs a professional grade weapon light for every situation. This SureFire LED weapon light has a powerful beam controlled by a Total Internal Reflection lens which shapes the beam with plenty of throw but it's optimized to give you more peripheral vision and better situational awareness. It pushes a max output of 1500 bright white blinding lumens with an 18650 lithium battery or 1200 lumens with two CR123A batteries. Its tail cap switch is protected by a shroud built into the durable aluminum body. Shed some light on the situation and make the SureFire M600DF Dual Fuel LED Scout Light part of your weapon system. Trusted by millions of first responders, law enforcement and military personnel all over the world, SureFire has built a reputation that you can count on. When you have a Surefire, you know that your equipment is built to last.