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Peltor Earmuff Shotgunner Black

SGC ID:00078371970116


Designed and developed especially for the trap and skeet shooter. A stowaway hearing protector with an ultra-low tapered section of the ear cup bottom, which eliminates interference with the gun stock. Excellent attenuation with adjustable stainless spring steel headband for optimum fit. Adjusts small enough to fit women and most children. The ShotGunner® Hearing Protector is one of the best passive hearing protectors on the market. It has liquid gel liquid gel foam cushions to give you the greatest comfort while providing the best protection. They reduce the noise level by 21db in a light weight frame. Features: Noise Reduction Rating: 21dB Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter. Minimizes gun stock interference. Liquid/gel filled cushions. Folds for portability. Adjustable, folding headband. Used to help protect ears against noises exceeding 85 decibels Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter Helps minimize gun stock interference Liquid/gel-filled cushions Headband models fold for easy storage Assembled in U.S.A.