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S&W M&P 2.0 Shield .380 TS

SGC ID:022188869743


Introducing the 380 SHIELD EZTM, a new personal-defense pistol designed to be reliable, comfortable to shoot, and—above all—easy to operate. Chambered in the softer-recoiling .380 ACP, the 380 SHIELD EZ features a number of characteristics that make it easier to rack, easier to load, and easier to clean.

First and foremost is the combination of size and chambering. The 380 SHIELD EZ is slim and easy to carry, but it's no pocket pistol. While most pocket .380s are snappy and hard to control, the 380 SHIELD EZ is soft-shooting and easy to keep on target. Just as importantly, pulling back the slide is surprisingly effortless—like working the slide on a rimfire pistol. More pronounced scalloping at the front and rear of the slide also helps you get a grip. The 380 SHIELD EZ comes with two easy-to-load 8-round magazines—a nice bonus for those who like to practice extensively with their CCW pistol. Putting a couple hundred rounds through it won't leave your fingers raw.

Furnished with a crisp, light trigger, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and reversible mag catch, it's an easy-to-use protection option for both first-time shooters and experienced handgunners alike.