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The following is provided to answer some general questions you might have.

This item is currently out of stock, when will it be back in stock?
In short, we don’t know when we’ll be back in stock. Right now the demand for many of our products far exceeds the availability. Most of our manufacturers and distributors are unable to give accurate delivery schedules for resupply.


An item I am interested is out of stock, could you let me know when it is available?
Due to the real-time online inventory management system, the "email when back in stock feature" does not currently work. Please call us at 480-348-1111 to be placed on a waitlist. 


Your website shows that a certain item is in stock, is it really in stock?
SGCUSA has real-time online inventory management. As new items are received, in stock numbers will climb, and as items are sold, quantities will drop. We make every effort to make sure these numbers are accurate. If you have a high demand item in your shopping cart that is nearly out of stock, you may want to check out as soon as possible. Just because you have the item in your shopping cart doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t as well. 


Can I place a special order for an item?
Many companies have put a halt on all special orders at this time, and some companies that are still honoring special orders are looking at a 6 month delay time. Your best bet is to send us an email regarding the special order you would like to place, if the company is accepting them we would be happy to place a special order for you. Please keep in mind that all special orders need to be paid in full at the time of order, not at the time of delivery.


Incoming or outgoing transfers to/from SGC?

Scottsdale Gun Club is happy to provide both incoming and outgoing transfers for our customers.

For outgoing transfers on a firearm you purchased from us, please include the information of the FFL you'd like us to ship to and we'll take it from there.

To initiate an incoming transfer, please contact our transfer team by phone or email.




Member - $20 per firearm/NFA item

Non-Member - $45 per firearm/NFA item

What is the best way to order from SGCUSA?

Placing your order online is the fastest way. If you are ordering firearms, but haven't chosen an FFL or you do not know your FFL’s address and other information, simply use your billing address for the order. Then after you have placed the order, contact the local dealer of your choice and have them fax a copy of their FFL with you, the customer's name on it to Attn:SGCUSA at 480.348.1111.

I've placed an order for a firearm but it still hasn't shipped, what is the hold up?
Most likely, we are waiting on the FFL from your dealer. Even if you have contacted your dealer and they have sent a transfer copy of their FFL, if we do not know what order this FFL relates to we cannot match the orders to the dealers without proper documentation. This ensures all orders go to the proper FFL.

To speed this process up, when you contact your dealer, please ask them to include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER with the FFL.

How do I change an order I’ve already placed?
Send us an email with your name, order number and the products you wish to cancel. If your order is already out the door we unfortunately cannot cancel or return the shipment. If you’d like to add an item to your order, the fastest way to secure that product is to place a second order. We’ll do our best to ship your orders together; just reference your first order in the “Add Comments About Your Order” field.

I just placed an order, when will it ship?
We do our best to ship orders within 24 hours of being placed. During times of high demand like special sales, promotions, or new product launches, we may be backlogged as much as 48-72 hours. SGCUSA's staff strives to get your order processed as fast as we possbly can. If your order includes a firearm, there may be additional delays due to coordinating FFLs with your receiving dealer.

I am having trouble finalizing my order, why won’t it accept confirmation?
The two most common occurrences of order difficulty are out of stock items and incorrect addresses. If you have placed an item in your shopping cart that we are out of stock, your order cannot be completed. With the unpredictability of resupply, we do not wish to promise an item that may be 6 months away. If all of your desired items are in stock and you are still having difficulty checking out, you may have an error in your billing address. For your protection, our payment authorization system verifies your address with the billing address on file with your card issuer. If there is a discrepancy, it will not let your order go through.

I purchased an item for full price, and later the price dropped. Am I entitled to a refund or some sort of compensation?
No. Market conditions are constantly changing and as a result prices fluctuate both up and down. If the price goes up after purchase we don't come after you for the difference in what you paid and the new price. The price you paid at the time of purchase is indicative of the price at the time, what occurs afterward has no bearing on your transaction.

I live in a state that restricts my magazine capacity but I want to order a firearm that includes high capacity magazines. What do I do?
As SGCUSA is located in Arizona, we do not generally stock reduced capacity (10 round) magazines. If you choose to order a firearm that includes magazines that are greater than your city or state allows, we must remove these magazines from your order. Because of the low wholesale value of the magazines we cannot offer a credit towards those items.

I’d like to order a handgun, why is the shipping so expensive?
All major shipping carriers require that handguns be shipped “fastest possible method”, which usually means Overnight or Next Day Air. This is the policy of UPS, as well as FedEx, DHL, and USPS. This is a policy that we must follow to continue shipping products to our customers.


What is the best way to contact SGCUSA?
The best ways to contact us is either by phone at 480-348-1111 or email us at All emails will be addressed and replied to usually within 24 hours. Our phone hours are 9AM – 7PM Monday through Friday, 9AM - 5PM Saturday and 10AM - 5PM Sunday. All times are Mountain Standard Time.