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Century RI3324N PSL 7.62x54R

SGC ID:787450518186


The PSL offers collectors an interesting piece of AK history. This particular rifles is made in Romania and imported by Century Arms. Primarily made for the Romanian military, the PSL serves in special operation units as a designated marksman style rifle. While the PSL shares a resemblance with the SVD Dragon it really factions as more of an up-scaled AK variant with a long stoke gas piston. The front trunnion is reinforced with an RPK style bulged trunnion in order to support the extremely powerful 7.62x54R cartridge. A 24.5" barrel provides excellent velocity for the Russian big bore cartridge. The wooden hand guard and thumbhole stock with non adjustable cheek riser provide excellent aesthetics as well as function for a precision long range rifle. Finally this rifle is topped off with a 4x24mm fixed scope.

Specifications and Features:
Century Arms Romanian PSL54 Semi Auto Rifle RI3324-N
24.4" Barrel
10 Round Magazine
Detachable Box Magazine
4x24mm Scope
Rear Leaf Sight
Front Sight Post
Muzzle Device
Barrel Threaded 14x1mm Left Hand
Long Stroke Piston Operation
Front Trunnion Reinforced with RPK-Style Bulged Trunnion
Wooden Hand Guard
Wooden Thumbhole Stock with Integrated Cheek Riser (Non Adjustable)
Metalwork features Matte Black Finish