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Magtech 45 230 Grain FMJ 50ct Box

SGC ID:754908119011


Reliability. Performance. Value. They're the three commandments when it comes to Sport Shooting. When you pull the trigger, you want results... every time. That's why Magtech pistol and revolver ammunition is ideal for all your recreational shooting needs. Each cartridge is assembled using only the highest quality components and rigorous quality control is exercised in every stage of the manufacturing process. The result? Affordable, value-packed ammunition that delivers the top-notch performance you demand... round after round. Have fun pursuing your favorite shooting sport.

Bullet Style: FMJ
Weight (Grains): 230
Weight (Grams): 14.90 
Diameter (inches): 0.451
Sectional Density: 0.161
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.162

Velocity (Muzzle)837255
Velocity (50 Yards/Meters)800242
Velocity (100 Yards/Meters)767232
Energy (Muzzle)356484
Energy (50 Yards/Meters)326436
Energy (100 Yards/Meters)300401