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Fiocchi 12GA OOB Red Recoil10r

SGC ID:762344702698


Fiocchi Exacta 12 Gauge

  • 00 Buckshot, 9 Pellets
  • Homedefense Rounds
  • 2.75" Shells
  • 1150 FPS
  • 10 Rounds per box

Widely regarded as the first choice for self-defense in the home, shotguns and the wide variety of ammunition they can utilize, have become the obvious tool for the job of protecting many of our families. Fiocchi of America has taken this awesome responsibility to heart. That is why we utilize on only the finest components, and the strictest production standards when producing all of our self-defense shotgun loads. Whether youprefer the timeless reliability of a pump action or the efficiency and ease of use of a modern semi auto you can rest assured we have spent countless hours perfecting a load you and your family can depend on to perform reliably and consistently. When you choose to utilize an auto loading shotgun for self-defense, reliability is paramount. For this application we recommend using full power ammunition such as our 12 ga High Velocity Buckshot