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Brenneke SF Short Magnum 12 Gauge

SGC ID:4030128120683


Threats come in many forms these days, sometimes driving a vehicle, sometimes hiding behind a wall. Urban and CQB situations require a unique projectile—one of unequalled penetration and stopping power at medium ranges. That’s exactly what the Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum offers. Its massive frontal area, exceptionally hard alloys and distinctive Brenneke weightforward design will penetrate many vehicles, doors, even some walls, putting an end to the threat right here, right now.

weight: 1 ¼ oz, 485 grs, 31,5 g
use:  law enforcement
barrel:  smooth and rifled
chokes:  all 
range:  100 yards+

The Special Forces has the deepest penetration of any slug on the market.