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Abandoned Property Policy

We are happy to store your firearms and accessories for you at the Scottsdale Gun Club in accordance with the policies listed below. 

  • Once any item (including firearms) is purchased in store, online, transferred in or out, to or from another location or has work performed on it, the customer will have 30 days to process and complete all required paperwork, make payment of any outstanding balance of cost or fees and remove the item from the SGC building.

  • Any items (including firearms) left at the Scottsdale Gun Club longer than 30 days will begin to accrue monthly storage fees.  These fees will be assessed on the 1st of every month and must be paid in full before the item will be transferred out or picked up. Rates vary based on items (e.g. $20 per month for firearms). 

  • Those wishing to utilize SGC as a storage facility must notify SGC and complete the required storage agreement. (See SGC associates for details)

  • The information, address, phone numbers and emails provided to SGC at the time of sale, transfer or service will be used to attempt to contact the customers once ready for pickup.  Attempted contact will first be made via phone and email, then by certified letter to address provided.  Failure to respond to SGC’s attempts to contact you will result in the forfeiture of your item/items (including firearms) after a period of 90 days. 

  • SGC is not responsible for the accuracy of contact information provided to SGC by the customer.

  • All items that remain unclaimed after 90 days from beginning of attempted contact and final registered letter, will be considered abandoned property.  These items are then subject to being reclaimed and sold by SGC to cover any and all fees related costs of item, work performed and storage.