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US Palm General Pouch 7x5



Our 5x7 ACS pouch and 7x5 ACS pouch are members of our Utility Pouch family. Taking the task of being a “do everything” catch all pouch one-step further. One of the major differences between our GP series of pouches and the ACS line, is that we have added internal organization to the ACS series.


The upright 5x7 ACS pouch is a vertical pouch, which fills 3 MOLLE columns and 4 MOLLE rows, while the 7x5 ACS is a horizontal design utilizing 4 MOLLE columns and 3 MOLLE rows. Each design shares a ½ top-opening design. These pouches are best utilized for operations where secure organization of mission dependent gear needs to be quickly accessible, day or night.


Internally, both ACS pouches have a zippered mesh pocket running th entire width on one interior wall, and a large-loop elastic-band retention belt on the other. 


5x7 ACS is 7” tall by 5” wide, with stripped para-cord zipper pulls on the #8 external zipper.


7x5 ACS is 5” tall by 7” wide, with stripped para-cord zipper pulls on the #8 external zipper.


Both ACS pouches feature a mesh internal pocket, and elastic-band organizer belt.


Both ACs Pouches are constructed of 500d Cordura nylon, and utilizes made in the USA hardware, materials and labor. Completely Made in the USA, and fully Berry Compliant.



Material 500D Cordura Nylon
Color A-TACS AU, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Ranger Green
Foot print 7x5" 5 columns x 3 rows
Weight .35lbs


Mesh Internal Pocket  
Elasitc-Band organizer  
Para-cord zipper pull closures   
Berry Compliant