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Taser C2 Blue Kit

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Are you looking for the best stun guns or tasers for women? Well the C2 Taser self-defense system might be just what you're looking for. The C2 pink taser stun gun is a compact powerful self-defense weapon that will keep you safe to defend yourself style. The TASER® International Pink Taser C2 Gold Kit is a total self-defense solution as a non-lethal weapon. The civilian C2 Taser Gold Kit part number 39034 was designed as a premium stun gun that shoots for the consumer looking for a great value at an affordable price. The C2 TASER® electronic control devices (ECD's) are a popular choice as less lethal stun gun and or, tasers for women. The pink Taser stun gun will give you up to a 15 foot distance between you and your attacker. This stun gun shoots 2 stun dart probes that will immobilize your attacker from a distance. The TASER® Pink C2 Gold Kit Includes: (1) Pink C2 Stun Gun Taser, (2) Live 15' Stun Probe Cartridges, (1) C2 Taser Practice Cartridge, (1) Taser Lithium Power Magazine, C2 Taser Belt Holster, (1) Civilian Taser Training DVD (1) Operating Manual aand (1) Taser Practice Target. The C2 civilian tasers for women also come in a variety of colors other than just a pink taser stun gun.

The Taser® model C2 is one of the most effective electronic control devices (ECD's) are available for the public as a non-lethal compact personal defense weapon. Taser International Inc. is a world leader in non-lethal electronic control devices (ECD's) and designed the C2 models for civilian use and as compact tasers for women. The taser gun was originally created for police, law enforcement, and military use. The TASER® was engineered as less lethal weapon to immobilize a criminal quickly and safely from a distance, without the use of a firearm. The C2 pink taser has a patent electronic pulse technology that makes the non-lethal weapon easy to, use and effective tasers for women. The C2 Taser kit includes everything needed to keep you and your love ones safe and protected without costing an arm and a leg. When you get your Pink C2 TASER® it's ready to use when it comes out of the box. Do not be fooled by the pink taser stun gun, it might be fashionable but this is a powerful self-defense weapon that is effective immediately upon contact with an assailant. When the tazer stun darts are deployed your attacker will lose coordinated movement of muscles, allowing you valuable time to escape to safety and call for help! TASER® International offers a lifetime replacement guarantee of your C2 Taser Stun Gun if it is used in an attack and the c2 taser must be left behind at the crime scene so you can get to safety quickly. Push the trigger and a electronic pulse will cycle for 30 seconds to immobilize your attacker so you can get to safety. This premium electronic control stun device weapon is made in the USA and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty against material and internal component defects.

Self-defense tasers for women are the preferred weapon of choice with the ladies when pepper sprays and traditional stun guns are not an option. The tazer stun dart cartridge contains compressed nitrogen to deploy two small stun dart probes at a high speed that are attached to the stun device with conductive wires. The stun gun shoots stun probes up to 15 feet and will transmits electrical pulses along the insulated wires into the body where the stun dart probes have penetrated. The stun darts upon contact will Immediately affect the sensory and motor functions of your attackers peripheral nervous system and temporally incapacitating the individual for several minutes. The pink taser stun gun C2 also includes a LED flashlight and a laser site to help with accuracy and aiming of the stun dart probes. The energy from the stun dart probes can penetrate up to 1 inch of clothing per stun dart, allowing the electrical charge to be active through up to 2 inches of clothing. If needed, the C2 Taser can also be used as a backup drive stun gun. The tazer gun is also a direct contact stun device weapon after the stun dart cartridges has been deployed to inflict pain or if there are multiple attackers. To use the drive stun device feature just force the stun gun head probes directly in contact with an assailant and press the stun device trigger if the stun dart cartridge has been used or a cartridge is not available. The Spy Spot offers a full line of taser for sale and taser for women. Also available are the, TASER® M26c (original police taser) and the TASER X26c (law enforcement model). Both models are available for civilian use depending on your budget. These TASER® models are a great choice if you are looking for more of a law enforcement police taser pistol with additional features. If the C2 Taser or The TASER® brand is not what you are looking for. We also sell similar ECD's (Electronic Control Devices) and CEW's (Conductive Energy Weapons) tazers that you might want to consider by the PhaZZer® Brand: The PhaZZer Enforcer, PhaZZer Dragon and the PhaZZer Hornet.


* Product Type: Pink Taser C2 Civilian Electronic Control Devices (ECD's) Weapon

* Color: Pink

* Power Source: Taser Lithium Power Magazine

* Material Type: Polymer Plastic Taser Frame With Textured Grip

* Features: Ergonomic Grip | Deploys Stun Darts | Laser Sites | LED Flashlight | Compact

* Distance: Stun Gun That Shoot Up To 15' - Drive Stun Gun Without Taser Cartridge

* Size: 6" (Long) x 2" @ Barrel / 1.75" @ Handle (Wide)

* Weight: 8.25 oz

* Made In The USA

* Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty On Manufactured Material Defects

* Lifetime Replacement Warranty If The C2 Taser Is Used in An Attack With A Valid Police Report


* (1) Pink Taser With Laser Sites

* (1) C2 Taser Lithium Power Magazine Battery (Up To 500 Firings)

* (2) Live 15 Foot Taser Stun Dart Cartridges

* (1) Practice Taser Cartridge

* (1) C2 Nylon Holster With Metal Belt Clip

* (1) User Manual For Civilian Taser Guns

* (1) How To Use A Taser Training DVD

* (1) Taser Wall Target

* (1) TASER® Registration Card