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Saiga Shotgun 12ga 19"

SGC ID:123456011290


The shotgun comes with 12-ga. smooth bored barrel and the chamber which accepts the ammo equipped with shot or slugs including "Magnum" cartridges with 70 and 76 mm cartridge case.

The shotgun is used to deliver single shots. It is reloaded automatically due to the energy of powder combustion gases bled from the barrel bore through the barrel port. The shotgun may be equipped with a sight leaf adjustable for windage and elevation, which makes zeroing and firing at moving targets more convenient. The gas motive unit is adjustable to match the parameters of internal ballistics inherent to the standard cartridges and "Magnum" cartridges, as well. For the purpose of diversifying operational capabilities the shotgun may be equipped with muzzle adapters of different chokes, including the muzzle adapter "Paradox".

The shotgun may be produced with a quick-detachable butt and quick-detachable pistol grip to make storage and transportation more convenient and to enhance its maneuverability. The "Saiga-12" shotgun is manufactured in four versions: "Saiga-12", "Saiga-12S", "Saiga-12K", "Saiga-12S ЕХР-01".

The "Saiga-12S" differs from the "Saiga-12" in the availability of a special folded butt and an operating handle. The folded butt makes carrying and storing the shotgun more comfortable. The "Saiga-12K" has a short barrel and a trigger/firing mechanism locking device to prevent the shotgun from firing when the butt is folded. Being an export version of the "Saiga-12K", the "Saiga-12S ЕХР-01" is not equipped with a trigger/firing mechanism locking device. Atop the receiver is a rail for the optical-sight mount accommodation.