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HK P2000 SK 9mm SA/DA FS

SGC ID:123456006903



Compact, lightweight and handy. The new P2000 Subcompact combines all features expected for service use.
The P2000 Subcompact is based on the P2000. Irrespective of the small and lightweight design, no compromise to accuracy and reliability have been made. Thanks to its two interchangeable backstrap inserts it may be adapted to hand sizes of the individual users.

P2000 SK System features

  • The operation of the pistol, recoil operated weapon with locked breech and tilting barrel.
  • Grip made of glass fibre reinforced polymer with corrosion proof metal inserts
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Interchangeable backstrap inserts in 2 different sizes (M, L)
  • Integrated support rail for aiming units
  • Magazine capacity 10 cartridges
  • Open square notch rear sight with contrast points


Principle of operation Recoil operated weapon with modified Browning locking system and recoil buffer system
Dimensions V2
Overall length 6.42"
Overall height 4.61"
Overall width 1.28"
Barrel length 3.27"
Sight radius 5.20"
Without magazine 1.40 lb
other specifications  
Magazine capacity 9mm, 10 Cartridges
Single Action (SA) 4.50 lbs
trigger pull
Double Action (DA) 11.47 lbs
trigger pull
Sights 3-dot