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BCM Charging Handle 5.56 Mod 3 (Large)

SGC ID:123456012437


The BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle offers two significant advantages over standard handles.

1. Since the tiny roll pin is no longer the weak point - it is a much stronger system and tactical latch will stay intact even under repeated support side only manipulation.
2. With the force kept inside the body of the handle, when the handle is pulled directly to the rear, it moves directly to the rear and does not angle off to the outboard side. A much smoother operation.
On the cutaway computer drawings you can see the inside machining of the latch. It shows the 3 inside contact surfaces. (The 2 semi-circular cuts are to aid in the removal of dirt and debris that can get inside the handle.)

On the bottom view you can see the outside of the latch itself. It is actually as thick as the handle. This provides 2 additional contact surfaces to insure the force is maintained inside the handle and offers the operator more contact surface to manipulate the handle.

Product Specifications
  • Bravo Company
  • Mod 3 (Large Latch)
  • 5.56MM/223
  • Black
  • Charging Handle
  • BCM GFH MOD 3 556