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US Palm AK Battle Grip



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We realized that the grip on an AK47 just doesn’t cut it anymore. There’s no reason that we should have to use the original grip that was most certainly designed to be mass produced, not ergonomic, in this day and age. So, US PALM engineered a westernized battle grip that not only provides a comfortable grip that drives the user’s hand up to ensure a positive grip.

The US PALM AKBG is manufactured from proprietary aerospace quality polymer to ensure that the grip is just as durable as your trusty AK47. What isn’t proprietary is the model that this grip will fit on; if it’s an AK47, 74, AKM, RPK or just about any other vintage manufacturer with a basic AK platform design, it’ll fit. We’ve even included the appropriate length stock screw and locking washer, because we like you.